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The PLUgCAP concept
Why have we created the

protective RJ45


Our extended field experience proves this:
nine times out of ten network cable failures are caused by an RJ45 plug with damaged plastic strips.
As a consequence, the pins in the socket cannot fit between the matching slots any more…
Worse, as a result of the damage to the RJ45 plug, the network socket can be permanently damaged and in that case a new one has to be rewired !
rj45 cablingcabling rj45ethernet cabling Damaged RJ45 plugNetwork sockets damaged due to a faulty plug

This is even more true during network cabling operations: For instance whilst re-patching, because plugs are even more at risk when installing or moving cables, or when laying cables in false floors, in false ceilings, in cable routing trunking systems, or with long length cables applications ... … At the same time, RJ45 connectors are becoming more and more fragile over the 10 Gigabyte versions.
As a result: you can spend hours and hours testing and re-testing your network just to locate a faulty connection!

... which gives you the most efficient protection

A plastic body to cover the RJ45 cable plug fully, fitted with an eye to pull the network cable during installation... PLUgCAP has been fully designed to completely protect the most sensitive part of the cable, during the most critical Ethernet cabling operations ! Plug in with total peace of mind: PLUgCAP offers you the most efficient solution to prevent network breakdowns ...
With PLUgCAP, the plug is entirely protected, up to the final connection.

...up to your connections' ends

Whilst re-patching:
RJ 45 protection during cables removal / cables reconfiguration if the cables are re-used.

During patching, setting up new equipment, strand passage of 6 patch cords from the rear of the patch panel to the front.

Pulling long RJ45 cables from 5 to 30 metres, through false floors, cable trunkings, false ceilings

Protection for RJ 45 patch cords waiting to be connected.

patch cord on standby in the office

pulling out cables for passage in false ceiling or cable tray

Whilst pulling a patch cord by one end through a high density environment without risking damaging the other end

It is possible to pull the cord through an electrical flexible conduit (PLUgCAP pulling eye) whilst pulling a network cable through false ceilings or wire trunkings.

packaging plugcap

PLUgCAP Protection for RJ45 connectors 3
Conception / Réalisation : La République du Clic - Groupe Attrait