protecting rj45

Does PLUgCAP fit on all RJ45 cords ?
RJ45 is an international standard. PLUgCAP fit on all types of RJ45 patch cords that are equipped with a slim line boot (without any extra width of the RJ45 plug), shielded cables (F/FTP, U/FTP or F/UTP), or unshielded cables (U/UTP).

Which RJ45 cords are fitted ex factory with PLUgCAP ?
Within the 3P Design « intelligent patch cord » PATCHEE products range, it is standard for all the DIRECTPATCH products to be fitted with PLUgCAP at both ends.
  • standard cables length from 6m to 30m,
  • and length up to 50 m on request,
  • cables are available in a shielded or unshielded version.
Why is pink the colour of choice for PLUgCAP ?
Protection is life, and by protecting your cords you give them a long life. Moreover, by knowing your cords are well protected, you give yourself a complete peace of mid (It is always very galling to find that one has lost hours because of a damaged RJ45 plug). Your cords are also highly visible.

Can I buy PLUgCAP separately from the DIRECTPATCH cords ?
Yes PLUgCAP is sold separately in 3 units blister packs. You thus can protect other cables ends in communication cabinets, technical rooms, in false floors or ceilings, in offices, etc...

What is the ring at the PLUgCAP extremity for ?
It often necessary to pull a cord through an electrical conduit, through a partition, through an under floor, etc... The pulling eye allows you to tie a cable pulling tool and pull your DIRECTPATCH in position, even in tight crawl spaces.

Is there not a risk of damaging the cable when pulling it ?
All PATCHSEE cords have crimped connectors and the cable is clamped with a double shell fitted with pins. However the PLUgCAP material and the eye dimensions have been selected so that the ring should break if an excessive pulling force is applied.

Is PLUgCAP available in different colours ?
No, PLUgCAP is currently available in pink only: pink to make your stand-by connections visible.

Why do I need to protect RJ45 cords connectors ?
RJ45 connectors can be subjected to harsh conditions: they can be stamped on, caught in a door, stuck under a raised floor tile, damaged when pulling cables, etc...
99% of broken RJ45 cords have been damaged during installation or whilst being handled (caught in a cabinet door, or stuck under a floor tile etc...) The main cause of defect is the damaging of one or more of the plastic blades separating the plug's 8 contacts. As a result the electric contacts are not properly guided any more when inserting the connector in the RJ45 socket. This results inevitably in a lot of time wasted in fault finding ...

Can PLUgCAP be customised? (engraved or printed company logo, different colour, etc...)
We normally don't provide customisation with PLUgCAP. However we will consider custom printed or engraved products in large quantity.

Why are only the DIRECTPATCH cords fitted with PLUgCAP ex-factory and not the other lengths ?
This is because the longer cables are more prone to damage and shocks during their installation. It is still possible to buy PLUgCAP separately (3 units blister packs) to fit on all the PATCHSEE range cords and on other manufacturers cords.

How can I buy PLUgCAPs ? Can I sell PLUgCAP to my customers ?
PLUgCAP is available in 3 units blister packs and can be purchased from our distributors according to your needs.

What material is PLUgCAP made of ?

Are you manufacturing RJ45 sockets protectors?
No, not at present. However if you have a need please contact us at:

Is the PLUgCAP protector available without the eye ?
No, the eye is always present. This feature is useful to tie up stand-by cords in network cabinets or anywhere else. However the eye can be easily removed with a pair if scissors.

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